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April: Ka’lon White, 6 yrs old from Matthews, NC

April: Ka’lon White, 6 yrs old from Matthews, NC

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Date: April 3, 2017
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This lovable little boy has a spunky personality and is not afraid to speak his mind. He loves to play with his toys like monster trucks, legos and anything Star Wars. These are great distractions while spending time at Levine Children’s Hospital located in Charlotte, NC.

Just a few months ago, Ka’lon’s mother noticed lumps on his neck. Their pediatrician referred them to an ENT who prescribed blood work and a CT scan. The tests showed his white blood cells count to be over 600,000 and he was immediately admitted. “KK” is diagnosed with T-cell leukemia and undergoing a chemotherapy regiment that requires him to take chemo by IV through a port in his chest, intrathecally into his spinal fluid via lumbar punctures, by injections as well as orally. His mother hopes that he has a fulfilled life and all of his dreams come true.

Information provided by his mother, Jessica Romacho.

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