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November: Brynlee Lawlar, Prospect Park, PA

November: Brynlee Lawlar, Prospect Park, PA

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Date: November 1, 2019
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Brynlee is a loving and smart 7 year old girl. She is very artistic and loves to play with her cat, Casey. LOL Dolls, Barbies and Candyland are a few of her favorite toys.

In October of 2016, Brynlee was experiencing upper left leg pain as well as a very high fever. Her pediatrician recommended taking her to DuPont for bloodwork. At the young age of 4, Brynlee was diagnosed with Philadelphia Positive Pre B cell ALL. She immediately started an intense chemotherapy treatment and since then has gone through 18 cycles plus 8 doses of cranial radiation. Her mother wants her daughter to grow up to be a young woman who lives her life to the fullest and does everything she wants because she deserves it all. When she grows up, Brynlee says she wants to be a vet to help animals.

You can follow her journey here:

Information provided by her mother, Lisa.

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