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July: Danny Hill, Sophomore at Shawnee High School, NJ

July: Danny Hill, Sophomore at Shawnee High School, NJ

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Date: July 1, 2015
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Danny is a humble and kind young man who, like most teenage boys, loves sports and fishing. Danny is a strong athlete and excels at baseball as a pitcher. At the age of 13, during winter practice, Danny complained of an ache above his knee. When the “injury” did not get better, he went for an x-ray which showed an irregularity in his femur. Two days later, Danny was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, otherwise known as bone cancer. After surgery and 21 rounds of chemotherapy at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Danny walks cancer free. His latest scans were clear so his family celebrated!

Danny’s parents could not be more proud of the way he has handled this curveball. He has always been a wonderful brother to his 3 sisters and now is a great role model to all of his peers as well. Danny has inspired so many with his positive attitude. His peers said, “He is the strongest kid we know”.

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Information provided by his mother, Gary and Anne Hill.

2 thoughts on “July: Danny Hill, Sophomore at Shawnee High School, NJ

  1. Danny,

    I am a good friend of Lora Griffiths. I too am fighting this battle so I am aware of your struggles. But at such a young age it is even more impressive. You have much to be proud of. You are prepared for anything life will challenge you with going forward. You are a WINNER!

  2. Keep your head up young man you are brave and awesome and inspire so many. Best wishes for an amazing summer and a bright future. Study and stay strong.

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