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December: Minnah Chatha, 3 years old, Philadelphia, PA

December: Minnah Chatha, 3 years old, Philadelphia, PA

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Date: December 1, 2017
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Minnah is a playful but shy little girl who loves playing pretend with her sister. They like to color, put puzzles together and get the playdough out! During her time at the hospital, she is very cooperative. Minnah has been a patient at St. Christopher’s for 7 months.

In April, Minnah had episodes of nausea for three weeks which led to several visits to the ER. Her doctors discovered a mass in the back of her head and two days later Minnah was diagnosed with ATRT, atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor. After a successful surgery, she is currently receiving chemotherapy. Minnah will then receive a stem cell transplant followed by 6 weeks of radiation. Her mother says that she wants Minnah to be happy, enjoy life and to help others. Minnah loves dancing to the theme song from the movie Zootopia, “Try Everything”.

Information provided by her mother, Asraa Chaudhri.


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