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January: Bisan Abu Ali, 4th grader at Overbrook School for the Blind, Philadelphia, PA

January: Bisan Abu Ali, 4th grader at Overbrook School for the Blind, Philadelphia, PA

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Date: January 2, 2016
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Bisan is a happy and kind 9 year old girl who makes friends very easily. This may be in part to being born with her best friend…her twin sister, Bushra. They love all things purple and pink and princess! Bisan and Bushra were also lucky enough to add another sister, Balsam, to their group when they were just a year old.

At the young age of 6 months old, Bisan’s left eye was shaking so her mother rushed her to the Emergency Room. After 10 long hours, an MRI found the tumor in her optical nerves. Her mother was told her newborn baby had cancer and was heartbroken. Based on its location, the tumor cannot be surgically resected. So, Bisan started radiation at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. Bisan is diagnosed with progressive optic pathway glioma which affects her vision and she has developed right side weakness in her body for which she goes to physical therapy. Bisan currently receives chemotherapy and is seen at St. Christopher’s as well as CHOP. During the past 9 years, Bisan had a four year period without treatments because her tumor was stable. Her mother recalls those days with a smile and knows they will see them again. Her parents wish for Bisan to be cancer free and can’t wait for future days to see Bisan in a graduation gown and someday a wedding dress.

Bisan and her sisters are so loving and full of hope. They hug the staff at St. Christopher’s as soon as they walk in. It is impossible not to smile when you see how brave and strong they are together!

Information provided by her mother, Sana Abu Ali.

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