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July: Lilly Ibbotson, 1 year old from Hatboro, PA

July: Lilly Ibbotson, 1 year old from Hatboro, PA

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Date: July 1, 2016
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This little princess will be two years old in November and like most toddlers she loves Elmo and Minnie Mouse. Lilly has a lot of energy that she likes to exhaust swimming or running around with her big brother, Tyler, who is 13.

Lilly has barely lived long enough to learn how to ride a bike, go to the movies or start school. She will be well educated in the medical field before she ever hits pre-school. Back in March of this year, Lilly was rushed to the ER, given an X-ray where a mass was detected in her chest. She is being treated with chemotherapy at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. When Lilly is old enough to understand, her mother will be able to tell her brave battle story. Her hope is that Lilly will grow up and want to go into the medical field and help cure childhood cancer. For now, she looks forward to the summer and playing games with her big brother. Lilly loves her supportive family.

Cancer picked the wrong princess!

Information provided by her mother, Nicole Ibbotson.

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