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October: Emily McDermott, 4 year old from Abington, PA

October: Emily McDermott, 4 year old from Abington, PA

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Date: October 2, 2015
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This little Emily may be a young, care free toddler but she is much wiser than her years. Emily is a very outgoing and energetic girl who dreams to be a Rock Star or Actress on TV! When she was 3 years old, her energy started to decline and it showed. She became lethargic and ran fever after fever through the month of April 2014. Emily would complain that walking was too hard or her legs hurt. Her cancer first presented as a virus. After blood tests, she went from the pediatrician to the ER to the infectious disease floor of St. Christopher’s Hospital and all within one day.


Emily has been diagnosed with an extremely rare childhood cancer called Pleuropulmonary Blastoma, located in the lungs. Her treatment consists of surgery to remove her tumor followed by chemotherapy. Surgery was successful and she is now half way through her chemotherapy.


Her Mom says she dreams about the things she has taken for granted like Emily starting Kindergarten next year, holidays with friends and family, high school prom, a wedding. The greatest hope right now is total remission with no reoccurrence. Remember little Emily when she becomes a famous actress in Hollywood!


Information provided by her Mother, Elizabeth Baldwin.

10 thoughts on “October: Emily McDermott, 4 year old from Abington, PA

  1. Hi Emily!! You look like a strong, smart little girl!! You also look very brave. Are you a Superhero???? Don’t forget , God loves you and everyone is praying for you. So fight hard you’re halfway there!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing Emilys story. I myself have a 1 year old going thru chemotherapy too. He was diagnosed with a rare tumor in his eye called Retinoblastoma a couple months ago. I’ll be praying for your family and Emily.

  3. Emily you are such a beautiful little girl. You are a Super girl! I can’t wait to watch you on TV God will carry you through.

  4. Hi Emily,
    You are such a brave and beautiful young lady!! I will keep you in my prayers!! Stay strong <3 <3

  5. Emily, you are one strong and brave girl! Keep it up! I can’t wait to rock out to your music in a few years!☆ You go girl!!!!!☆☆☆

  6. Hi Emily!! My daughter battled leukemia A.L.L back in 2009, and was a patient at Saint Christopher’s! She currently goes back once a year for her ck-ups !! She is doing wonderful, just like u will!! She now plans to go to to college for her nursing degree. She now wants to help people just like you!! The staff at Saint Chris were wonderful and will take great care of you!!! Continue to stay strong and positive thinking!!! GOD IS GREAT!! You can do this baby girl just like my daughter did!!!

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