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Thank you: Delinquent Electric Bill

Thank you: Delinquent Electric Bill

Posted By: Maxine D’Angelo, Charity Recipient
Date: November 5, 2014
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Dear Chris and Ashley,

I am writing to thank you for helping our family in our time of need. My seven-year-old son Max has been battling acute lymphocytic leukemia for several years. He’s receiving treatment at CHOP. Max lives with me and his six-year-old brother in Norristown. I am divorced, but am not receiving any child support from their father. I got behind on my bills when I was unemployed for six months. I lost my job because I took too much time off because I had to take Max to treatments and many doctors’ appointments. I couldn’t believe it when I asked for and received a check from Michael’s Way in the amount of $629. This went towards paying my delinquent electric bill. When Max gets a little older, I will explain to him how there are strangers who really do care about helping others. You’ve been a great help during this difficult time.

Thank you so much!

Maxine D’Angelo

Norristown, PA


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